The experts at BodyWorksWest share their tips to stay motivated in the gym for the long haul

With the warmer months in sight, many people will be thinking about hitting the gym hard. We’re here to tell you to go easy on yourself because consistency is key. Smashing through six, high intensity workouts a week, in a summer-induced panic really isn’t for everyone, and it’s not easy to maintain in the long run. A handful of good quality sessions throughout the week is a manageable routine to maintain from now, through beach season and beyond. The experts at BodyWorksWest share their tips to stay motivated in the gym for the long haul.


From taking home the gold to running faster than the person on the treadmill next to you, friendly competition works wonders in giving your workout a little boost. Even if you’re not a competitive person by nature, finding an individual or a group that is slightly better or faster than you can be incredibly helpful in pushing your session to the next level.


Three gym sessions a week is enough to make you feel great. Anything extra you do in between, be that walking, stretching or an active hobby, is a bonus. Make each workout enough to build a sweat and you’ll see results. Remember, not every workout will be your best, but any exercise is better than nothing. So if you’re feeling unmotivated, just show up and keep it steady. Even a short 20 minute workout can be impactful for your long-term goals. Your mind and body will thank you for it later.


If you’re feeling unmotivated, a simple shift in the mind can be just the thing to get you back into the gym. Changing your perspective from couch potato to the mindset of an athlete sounds like a long stretch, but it’s a really simple trick to get you back on track. All those excuses you’ve got stashed away that stop you from exercising – you’re too tired, you’ve got no time – go out the window and you’ll find that your workouts become high priority.


You may have a good thing going at the gym, but boredom could be the thing that grinds it to a halt. Mixing up your workout style, timings and teacher will keep it challenging and exciting. BodyWorksWest has a huge range of classes, from pilates and yoga to spin, HIIT and conditioning. Choose a variety to keep your body guessing and your mind engaged.

stay motivated in the gym


Nothing is more motivating than the looming startline of a 5K. Register early and commit to a program that will get you in shape by race day. Set realistic goals along the way and as you progress toward the first few, you’ll find that it all begins to snowball. The goal doesn’t even have to be an organised race, you might challenge yourself to squat a certain weight. Whatever it is, write it down and revisit it daily.


Some people prefer solo workouts, but for those that need a little push, scheduling regular workouts with a friend or group can make all the difference. You’re less likely to hit snooze or head home for the night if someone else is counting on you. Working towards similar goals is motivating for everyone involved; you’ll hold each other accountable, give each other the pushes you need and it’s all the more fun when you can celebrate your achievements together.


The moment you stop exercising for your physical appearance you’ll become more motivated. When fitness is linked with the way you look, and you fall short of your expectations, it’s possible that’ll you’ll just give up. Instead, focus on smaller goals that will shift your thinking from what your body looks like, to what your body can do. This could be  anything from running one mile without stopping to nailing a pull up. You’ll feel good about these accomplishments and will want to push past them.

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