Press refresh on your workwear wardrobe with our round-up of the most stylish and warm buys to invest in now

Words Joy Montgomery

Workwear: one of life’s necessary evils that must be addressed twice a year in the form of an expensive yet eye-gougingly boring shopping trip. Flattering but not too sexy, fashion-forward but not too ‘out there’, comfortable but not unprofessional – the whole process is plagued with contradictions yet, ironically, these are the pieces you’ll be wearing every day. Rather than put up with the conveyor belt of mumsy shift dresses and slowly sagging pencil skirts, make the new season an excuse to invest in good quality, stylish pieces that will give you the confidence to smash that glass ceiling…

With temperatures still hovering around the single-figure mark, warmth is our main concern right now. Opting for good quality layers is key: silk, cashmere and wool will seal in heat and look the part, while sleeveless jackets and blazers can act as sneaky extra layers under your winter coat. If you just buy one thing this month? The classic polo neck knit is your practical yet stylish hero buy that can be worn under anything from simple shirts to tailored dresses.

Scroll down for our round-up of eighteen of the best chic and warm workwear looks to buy now…


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