To be considered vegan, a beauty product must not only be cruelty free but contain no animal derivatives. Here are 7 of the best vegan beauty brands to check out

By Abbie Schofield

Searches for vegan beauty are skyrocketing at the moment, which isn’t surprising. Not only is Veganuary in full swing, but most of us are becoming conscious about the products we use and the impact our self care routines have on the planet.

Thankfully, it’s never been easier to find incredible and affordable vegan beauty products with popular brands such as The Ordinary leading the way. However, be careful when on the hunt for your new vegan beauty heroes — the Leaping Bunny certification may mean a product is cruelty-free, but it doesn’t mean that product is free from animal derivatives (ingredients such as beeswax, carmin or gelatin). Always check the ingredients list to ensure that a product is fully vegan. If in doubt, you can check out Peta’s helpful directories.

7 of the best vegan beauty brands for 2021


Upcircle Best Vegan BeautyUpCircle’s face mask is made from discarded olive stones and has a wonderful citrus scent. Not only is the brand totally vegan but it is sustainable too.

Clarifying Face Mask, £18.99;


Estrid Best Vegan BeautyDid you know that the moisturising strip on razors often contains ingredients such as lanolin (from sheep’s wool)?. Subscribe to Estrid and vegan razors and refills will be delivered to your home as often as you’d like.

Vegan Razor Starter Kit, £7.95;


Typology Best Vegan BeautyTypology’s brilliant formulations are vegan, cruelty free and ethically made in France. The formulas are minimalist, and many contain less than ten natural ingredients.

5 Vitamins Complex, £31.80;


Chantecaille Best Vegan BeautyUnlike many ultra-luxurious brands, Chantecaille is cruelty free and vegan. The brand also gives back to conservation charities, for example a percentage of proceeds from their Safari Collection will go to protecting African elephants and their environments.

Zebra Luminescent Eye Shade, £48;


Akt Best Vegan BeautyNatural deodorant Akt is housed in recyclable aluminium tubes with a gua sha-inspired brass applicator. When the brand first launched, it had a pre-order list of over 3,000 people, and for good reason.

Deodorant Balm, £18 each;

Moo & Yoo

Moo Hair Best Vegan BeautyAll of Moo & Yoo’s hair products are vegan and palm oil free. They have been formulated with hair experts and chemists who specialise in natural products, so you can be confident they produce brilliant results.

Miracle Conditioner, £22;


Narloa Best Vegan BeautyMade in small batches in London, Narloa’s vegan skincare products are packed with cold-pressed oils for ultimate nourishment. We love this bath soak with Himalayan salt and dried rose petals.

Pink Detox Bath Soak, £13;

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