We asked a pastry chef for the best recipe for perfect pancakes every time – try it yourself this Shrove Tuesday

By Abbie Schofield

Patrick Mesiano knows his sweet stuff. As pastry chef for five-star Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo (a town known for seriously good crêpes) Patrick’s first class cooking and baking wows guests on a daily basis. Now he’s shared his indulgent recipe for Crêpe La Monégasque, so you can create delicious (and fail-safe) pancakes at home.

The Best Pancake Recipe for Shrove Tuesday: Crêpe La Monégasque

Makes 10 pancakes.


For the mixture:

  • 110g flour
  • 85g of sugar
  • 150g of eggs
  • 30g of butter (melted)
  • 11g of oil
  • 330ml whole milk

For the toppings (can be shop-bought):

  • Raspberry coulis
  • Chantilly cream

Best Pancake RecipeMethod

  • Mix flour and sugar in a large bowl
  • Add the eggs and mix so as to obtain a paste consistency
  • Add the melted butter and oil and then gradually add the milk heated to 45 degrees Celcius
  • Leave in the fridge for one hour
  • Melt a knob of butter in a non-stick pan on medium heat
  • Add a spoonful of the mixture and spread thinly around the pan
  • When the first side is cooked, flip and cook the second side, which will turn golden a lot faster
  • Top with raspberry coulis and Chantilly cream

Et voilà! You have traditional Monégasque crêpes.

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