By Ellie-Mae Hammond

Gin. The all round ‘Good-time no regrets’ drink we all seem to love, in one way or another. And in honour of World Gin Day, here at Absolutely London, we are delving deep into the different types of Gin that are available to us. Believe it or not, there are many different types of gins, one to fit pretty much every personality type. And, if by any chance you are not a gin connoisseur, there will be a gin type out there for you and your taste buds to indulge in and enjoy, sitting back under some fairy lights, breathing in that cool summer air.


Enjoying World Gin Day with a twist – the foodie way.

Malfy gin, controversial by nature with it’s groundbreaking take on flavoured gin, and quite possibly the coolest brand on the block.  Malfy is all about enjoying life and the little moments, the Italian way! Known for offering a variety of different flavours, It’s of no shock to us that they have partnered with Pleesecakes, the cheesecake connoisseurs, who famously won over the crowd on Dragon’s Den, with their lavish approach to cheesecakes, inventive toppings and out-of-this-world flavour combinations. The collaboration transports you to the Amalfi Coast in one spoonful, complimented by the gin-infused cheesecake flavouring.

With the perfect biscuit to cream cheese ratio and a generous dash of citrusy Malfy gin per cheesecake (5.52% ABV Grapefruit, 3.09% ABV Con Limone), the exclusive Pleesecakes x Malfy bundle is ideal for picnics in the park, entertaining al fresco or for gifting gin-enthusiasts.


Originating from the Dutch, and then being brought over to the UK by the English, both have strong claims to gin. However, there’s now a new exciting destination for gin, with America now taking the initiative – creating ‘Aviation’, which has further revolutionised the ‘classic London dry gin’, with illustrating the new gin term ‘The Western Dry Gin’. The flavour is ‘regionally’ inspired and uses seven botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Cardamom, Indian Sarsaparilla, and Orange peel.


Dating back to 1863, this gin distillery has been a key member of the Gin family, a staple behind the bar, and a classic in any gin lovers cupboard. With it’s delicately balanced flavour, this gin is a golden oldie for the gin connoisseurs who like it neat. Containing a fragrant blend of Angelica root and seeds, juniper, coriander seeds, almonds, liquorice, seville oranges, lemon peel an orris root allows any beefeater fan to claim it as a bold and brave gin, who’s recipe has remained untouched despite the many decades that have passed.


Without even mentioning the taste, the bottle sets the bar high for what’s on the inside – with this being the ‘IT’ item, everyone would proudly display on their coffee table. Originating from Osaka, Japan, Roku’s history dates back almost 100 years.

Interestingly, Roku translates to “six” in Japanese, a name proposed to identify the six very important botanicals in this gin. Sourced directly from Japan, this uniquely tasting gin, coinciding with the bottle design, inscribed with a Japanese floral design, is the ‘IT’ girl of the gin world. Everyone wants to be seen with you.


A simple classic for all the old school Gin Tonic lovers out there! A classic that puts a smile on every gin lover’s face, Sipsmiths contains ten botanicals, obtaining a bold taste that leaves you wanting more, sip by sip. As a brand, they test the trends of time, managing to remain a classic amongst the gin community, whilst continuing to pioneer their way through the craft gin movement.