STILL London

Absolutely reviews STILL London’s Luxury Icelandic pedicure

Words Flora Thomas

STILL London opened earlier this year. It joins a burgeoning string of trendy establishments (like PRICK the cactus shop and Brilliant Corners, the sushi-selling bar and nightclub) which populate this stretch of Hackney’s Kingsland Road. The interior decor is thoughtful and creative, the walls are millennial pink and the countertops pale marble. Teamed with velvet-covered chairs, carefully placed cactuses and pendant lighting, the salon is a world away from Dalston’s more rough-and-ready competitors.

I’m here for an Iceleandic Arctic ocean soak/massage and gel pedicure using Orly 12-free nail lacquer. ‘12-free’ refers to the 12 hard-to-spell chemicals, (most notably formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen) which are not used to produce the polish. Plus, Orly 12-free isn’t tested on animals so it’s entirely vegan. The same can be said for all the products used at STILL – cruelty-free, sustainably sourced and packaged with waste-reduction in mind.

STILL London

My appointment begins with the pedicure. Influenced perhaps by my surroundings, I make a departure from my regular red and find myself enjoying a rose gold glittery polish. It’s an immaculate job and with an upcoming trip to warmer climes I’m happy with my light, summery choice. Initially I’m concerned that the polish’s virtuous credentials will mean it won’t last as long as its harsh, chemical-laden counterparts. However, at the time of writing, we’re two weeks down the line and my toes look as lovely as they did then. Next is the luxurious sea salt soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub infused with ‘Icelandic moss, Arctic thyme and Nordic birch’. Everything smells divine.

Finally, I enjoy a foot massage using organic botanical oil made from red clover, rosehip and sea buckthorn. My feet feel thoroughly conditioned, they’re impossibly soft and particularly pretty. For a price similar to that of a normal pedicure, it seems extremely good value. I’ll be back. 

450 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, E8;