Guests are invited to preview the largest exhibition of the artist’s work in Europe at 180 Studios, 180 The Strand…

By Layla Turner

The Vinyl Factory X Fact, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Contemporary, will present Ryoji Ikeda, the largest on display collection of works by the audio and visual artist. Viewers will travel on a thought provoking journey through Ikeda’s dynamic digital universe at The Strand.

Ikeda is an electronic composer and visual artist who ‘explores the essential characteristics of sound and light by means of mathematical precision and aesthetics’. The result is trippy and somewhat mind-bending installations that leave guests in awe.

The exhibition will present UK premiers of Ikeda’s best loved artworks, including point of no return, a hypnotic audio-visualisation that creates a sensory experience similar to that of entering a black hole.

Of the exhibition, Ikeda said “What you hear, what you experience – that’s everything, whether you’re at a live performance or listening to a recording. Music is beautiful because we can’t see it and we can’t touch it, but everyone knows it. You don’t need to have it explained; you don’t need special tools to understand it. You can charge it with meaning all by yourself. That’s the same approach I take with my installations”.

Londoners are in luck – the event, which was originally scheduled to run until the beginning of August, has now been extended until 18th September 2021. To avoid disappointment, those eager to view should book tickets now via