London's very first fitness nightclub, brought to you by Ministry of Sound

Words Helen Brown

Crunches or cocktails? It’s a classic Thursday night predicament we’ve all been in. Now however, thanks to Ministry of Sound, you can do both. The iconic music brand have put even more fun into fitness with the opening of their fitness nightclub. This latest offering is a social fitness movement, without all the pretentious implications. It’s for real people who love carbs as much as cardio. They invite you to put down the kale, pick up a cocktail and get ready for a whole new type of gym-ing experience.

The club’s hidden booze vault has been turned into a top notch workout studio. The venue runs five signature classes a week, Monday to Saturday. Are you looking for sculpting, strengthening, lengthening, fat-burning or just for good tunes? There is something for everyone.

ministry of sound

Once you’ve worked up a sufficient sweat, head to the gym’s fully stocked bar. Ministry of Sound have mantra, ‘be good to be bad.’ In line with this, cocktails are on offer to reward your efforts and unwind. Additionally, protein shakes are on offer for the virtuous. Even if you’re not looking for a workout, you’re still welcome to have a drink at the bar. The space doesn’t close until 11pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for anyone who wants to make an evening on it. The club is part of Ministry of Sound’s mission to challenge the idea that fitness lovers can’t indulge every now and again.

Ministry Does Fitness is at The Arches, Arches 80 and 81, Newington Court, SE1.


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