HOME celebrates linen, the softest and strongest fabric.

Words Pendle Harte

It is widely accepted that the ultimate in luxury comes in the form of percale cotton of the highest thread count. Five star hotels generally offer sheets with a thread count of 400, which feels incredibly smooth and silky. And certainly, freshly laundered, bright white sheets are hard to beat – unless you are of the linen persuasion. Increasingly, linen has become the more desirable option, with stonewashed linen looking stylishly rumpled and feeling softer with each wash. Linen has the advantage of lasting longer than combed cotton because it’s at least 30% stronger; it also offers better temperature control, staying warm in winter and cool in summer due to its moisture absorbency and heat retention. And it’s not just sheets. Linen curtains, cushions and tablecloths have a rich texture and colour saturates the fabric, creating a deep, luxe look.



Communauté de biens is a young Parisian brand that celebrates the beauty of materials. With its first collection made up of washed linen bedding, bath towels, cushions and curtains, this interior design brand amazes us with its choice of colours, high-quality materials and gentle price tag.


The collection is exclusive to smallable.com