Lillingston’s Head of Creative, Sophie Stuart reveals how to use light to bring your party or wedding to life

Words Sophie Stuart


One of the simplest yet most effective ways to transform a venue can be by using projection. It allows for total creativity and a chance to transform a blank canvas into literally anything!  Even a simple grid projection as shown above can create a striking artistic installation.


Candlelight is key to creating a magical atmosphere for dinners and parties; not only does it provide an ethereal glow but candles allow you to style your event with intoxicating scent. We recently commissioned our own handcrafted porcelain candles from Abalon and had them filled with incredible scented wax from Mrs Todd Candles. Their fragrant glow adds a touch of magic to any party.

Shades and Installations

Light installations are a great way to make the most of high ceilings within a venue or structure.  We are currently working on a series of large wicker shades woven for us by an artist in Wales. Hiring vast vintage crystal chandeliers is also enormously effective for adding stardust to any party.

Creative Lighting

LED screens are phenomenal at a party. We combine versatile LED panels of light with our bespoke content to create a surreal moving surface. Most recently we used them to draw attention to a beautiful bar and back bar.


Don’t forget to consider your surroundings. If you have the luxury of trees, hedges or even exterior buildings, then light them up. Tea lights are an incredibly budget-friendly way to create a magical ambience. En masse they create a show-stopping, warm, twinkling glow.  


Neon lights are always a cool addition to any party. We love working with God’s Own Junkyard to source and make our own. We love them so much we had our Lillingston logo created in pink for our office.