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In the wellness section, we focus on how to keep you feeling happy and healthy on the inside. From nutritious recipes to advice on how to best combat stress and depression, we encourage women to improve their health and wellbeing from the inside out. We provide hints and tips to help women improve their mental as well as physical health. For women with busy lives, we cut through the stress by providing digestible advice on how to start leading a healthier and happier life today. Wellness hints tips and guides to make sure you are feeling happy, healthy and at your best on the inside as well as on the outside. Feeling good is just as important.

body shape

The Body Shape Calculator Will Make All Your Clothes Look Incredible

Baffled by your body shape? Take matters into your own hands with the body shape calculator and never wear unflattering clothes again
Gabriela Peacock

What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

Re-instate your New Year’s wellness resolutions with these tips from Gabriela Peacock; here's what the leading nutritionist eats in a day
How to Get Your Best Night's Sleep, According to the Founder of The Sleep School

How to Get Your Best Night’s Sleep: 6 Easy Remedies

A healthy lifestyle is nothing without a rock solid sleep routine. Here we share the secrets tfor getting your best night's sleep.
How to Get Rid of Cellulite, Plus the Six Most Common Myths

How to Get Rid of Cellulite, Plus the Six Most Common Myths

Follow these steps and enjoy firmer and smoother thighs and bum in just a few weeks, plus six common cellulite myths busted
How the Danish Concept of Hygge can Improve your Lifestyle

5 Ways You Can Embrace a Scandinavian Lifestyle

It's the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures, but how can we embrace Hygge in hectic London? Bronte Aurell, author of ScandiKitchen: Fika & Hygge, is here to help...
Dalton Wong Twenty Two Training London

Celebrity Trainer Dalton Wong on How to Get Movie-Star Fit

Jennifer Lawrence and Kit Harington's fitness guru, author of The Feelgood Plan and founder of the private gym Twenty Two Training, tells us how to get movie-star fit
Spa Retreat

Inside The Revamped David Lloyd Raynes Park Health Club

We visit the redeveloped David Lloyd Raynes Park, which offers you all manner of opportunities to improve your health and wellbeingIf the pandemic has made you re-prioritise your health and wellness, there’s no better...
Best CBD products that actually work

10 CBD Products That Actually Work

We've tried and tested dozens of CBD products on the UK market to find the ones that actually work. Here's our top 10...By Abbie Schofield Last year, you couldn’t have a conversation about beauty and...
Best opticians in London

The Best Opticians in London

In 2020, specs are no longer a symbol of bookishness or a lack of glamour; they are a fashion accessory. Here are the best opticians in London for getting your eyes tested - and...
Liz Earle

Absolutely Meets Entrepreneur & Wellness Guru Liz Earle

She’s left her eponymous beauty brand behind and now she’s taking on the world of wellness. Absolutely meets entrepreneur and wellbeing guru Liz Earle