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In the wellness section, we focus on how to keep you feeling happy and healthy on the inside. From nutritious recipes to advice on how to best combat stress and depression, we encourage women to improve their health and wellbeing from the inside out. We provide hints and tips to help women improve their mental as well as physical health. For women with busy lives, we cut through the stress by providing digestible advice on how to start leading a healthier and happier life today. Wellness hints tips and guides to make sure you are feeling happy, healthy and at your best on the inside as well as on the outside. Feeling good is just as important.


Cold Hands? You May Have Raynaud’s

If you often experience cold hands, feet, fingers and toes, you could be one of the 10 million people in the UK affected by Raynaud’s Phenomenon Paid partnership What is Raynaud’s? Raynaud’s is a chronic and incurable...
Human Health Fitness And Wellbeing

Human Health’s Mission to Transform Our Approach to Health

Using traditional and modern medicine, Human Health is on a mission to transform our approach to health Paid partnership Imagine this: it’s a beautiful morning, you have woken feeling refreshed, in the best of health and...
The Eye Place - How to look after your eye health - are opticians open during lockdown?

Why Keeping On Top of Your Eye Health Is So Important

Premium London optician The Eye Place explain why it's vital to look after your eye health, even during lockdown Paid partnership The numerous lockdowns have very much taken over every aspect of our lives, including how...
Skinfluencer Coolsculpting

This Non-Invasive Slimming Procedure Is Growing in Popularity

Liposuction means hospitals, anaesthesia and downtime. But these non-invasive slimming treatments are a popular alternative for fat removal After almost a year of life in lockdown and its accompanying wardrobe of elasticated waistbands, it’s hardly...
benefits of Cbd

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

The history and benefits of CBD, plus ways to take the powerhouse ingredient Paid Partnership You may think CBD is a new phenomenon, but the truth is, ancient civilisations have been harnessing the powers of the...
Bupa Mental Health Stigma

How to Talk About Mental Health

How to overcome your own mental health preconceptions and help family members speak out, from premium health insurer Bupa Global Paid partnership The events of 2020 have taken a mental health toll on us all. But...
We are Kynd CBD

Sustainable CBD from We are Kynd

CBD health products from We are Kynd are not only luxurious and high-quality but ethical too Paid Partnership CBD oil is now hugely popular as more of us look beyond the confines of the chemist in...
The Eye Place

The Eye Place On How to Look After Your Eye Health

Why a visit to The Eye Place is a trip to the opticians like no other... Paid partnership At The Eye Place, patients are offered the most comprehensive eye examination in the UK using the newest,...
Wellbeing during Divorce

How to Maintain Your Wellbeing During Divorce

Family Law in Partnership (FLiP) explain how to maintain your wellbeing while going through a divorce You might think that wellbeing and divorce are complete opposites. How can a divorce be anything but damaging to...
Bupa Working From Home Wellbeing

How to Protect Your Wellbeing While Working from Home

The experts at Bupa Global provide their tips for looking after your wellbeing while working from home This is a paid partnership For many people, the home is the place they return to, to unburden themselves...