Fitness advice to keep you feeling good on the inside as well as the outside. Additionally, our rated list of the best food supplements provide the most effective ways to lose weight. Our guides to health and fitness make living a healthy life easy and stress-free. You can rely on our tried and tested Health & Fitness guide to keep you looking your best. It isn’t enough to look healthy on the outside. No matter your current fitness level our expert guide makes sure that you feel just as good on the inside. At Absolutely we want to encourage women to feel good as well as look good.

buying a sports bra

Top Tips for Choosing a Sports Bra

From fit and fabric to comfort and colour, buying a sports bra can be a minefield. The experts from MyAesthetics share their tips for finding the right one.
beginners guide to running

Running Tips for Beginners: How to Start from Scratch

Running Tips for Beginners: Consider yourself a running novice? Brave the road with our beginners guide to pounding the pavement
40 Winks Workout: Here's What You Need to Know About Napercise

40 Winks Workout: Here’s What You Need to Know About Napercise

This latest fitness class won’t even have you breaking a sweat; here’s the lowdown on Napercise and what it can do for you…
Investing in a Home Gym

Why It’s Worth Investing in a Home Gym

Mick Rolton, owner of Gym Design & Supply, shares advice on what to consider if you’re thinking of investing in a home gym.I often hear clients talking about getting fit,” says Mick, “but as...
Pilates PT

Could Pilates Be the Secret to Injury-Proofing Your Body?

Could Pilates be the secret to injury-proofing your body, Absolutely visits Pilates PT in Fulham to find out more. Pilates has become somewhat of a fitness fad in the last few months, with the workout...
How to Buy the Right Trainers for Your Workout

How to Buy the Right Trainers for Your Workout

Choosing trainers is an important part of kitting yourself out for exercise - both to provide comfort and avoid injury - scroll down for our top tips
6 Practical Ways to Combat Tiredness

6 Practical Ways to Combat Tiredness Today

There are lots of things we can do to combat tiredness - it just takes a bit of knowledge and motivation to make a difference in your life
toned body

An Alternative Route to a Toned Body

Keep eating what you're eating; Xero Lipo helps you achieve that toned body through an alternative route. Absolutely reviews this pioneering treatment.

6 Ways to Become More Mindful with Your Money This Year

Don't reserve mindfulness for the emotional areas of your life. Take charge of your finances this year with our six easy ways to become more mindful of your moneyWords Joy MontgomerySTOP LIVING PAYCHEQUE TO PAYCHEQUE Living...


Deborah Brett

Deborah Brett: an interview with the fashion journalist turned ceramicist

Absolutely London's Pendle Harte meets Deborah Brett to find out what made her change career for a new life in ceramics...

Behind the scenes at Matilda The Musical

Pendle Harte meets the cast of the iconic Roald Dahl show, Matilda The Musical
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How to drink less

Ruari Fairbairns, CEO of One Year No Beer shares his 7 tips to curb your drinking habits this month
Moon Mock Up ( )

Breath-taking Museum of the Moon comes to the Old Royal Naval College

UK artist Luke Jerram’s astonishing installation The Museum of the Moon is coming to the Old Royal Naval College this winter....

Experience the flight of a lifetime with the largest Spitfire flight provider in the...

We discover more about the largest Spitfire flight provider in the country and what it's like to fly one of these...