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The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life: Why You Should Ditch The Caffeine & Kick Bad Eating Habits

The Good Life Eatery’s founding duo talk energy-boosting foods, how to kick bad eating habits and the secret to growing a successful business

6 Ways to Become More Mindful with Your Money This Year

Don't reserve mindfulness for the emotional areas of your life. Take charge of your finances this year with our six easy ways to become more mindful of your money Words Joy Montgomery STOP LIVING PAYCHEQUE TO PAYCHEQUE Living...
immune system

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Spring might be in sight but those cold and flus seem to cling on. Guard yourself against attack with these six easy ways to boost your immune system

Let There Be Light: Lillingston Show Us How to Plan a Party

Lillingston's Head of Creative, Sophie Stuart reveals how to use light to bring your party or wedding to life
toned body

An Alternative Route to a Toned Body

Keep eating what you're eating; Xero Lipo helps you achieve that toned body through an alternative route. Absolutely reviews this pioneering treatment.
sunday night blues

5 Easy Ways to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Don't let the prospect of Monday spoil your weekend with our guide to five easy and practical ways to beating Sunday night blues for good
non fiction books

Good Reads: 5 of the Best Non Fiction Books this Spring

From American adventures to the English etymology; here are five of our favourite non fiction books to get stuck into this spring

6 Easy & Practical Ways to Stop Headaches for Good

Is your life being ruled by crippling headaches but you don't know how to stop them? Scroll down for our practical guide to stop headaches for good

What to do When You’re Seriously Stressed

Don't panic! From meditation and music to fresh air: Absolutely's pocket guide to what to do when you're seriously stressed
bike rides in london

4 of the Best Bike Rides in London

Grab your gear, jump on your wheels and discover the city’s hidden gems on one of the many fantastic bike rides in London


The 9 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Skin, Ranked

From tanning to iphones: how many of the nine cardinal skin sins are you committing? Discover the surprising habits that are ruining your complexion