The iconic Pulitzer Amsterdam hotel has recently undergone a refurbishment. Absolutely explores the redesigns for the latest interior inspiration…


Mixing old and new is done with great style here, especially in the Art Collector’s suite, where contemporary art sits alongside classic works. Dutch Old Masters hang everywhere,  and the Jansz restaurant has a collection of quirky phrenology heads alongside its contemporary lighting and furniture.



Round, square or rectangular; gilt-framed or hung from a leather strap; miniature or huge – mirrors are key in almost every space. Cleverly placed to reflect the room’s highlights or to increase the sense of space, the Pulitzer’s mirrors combine elegance with character.



Without adhering to a strict colour scheme, the Pulitzer has a definite palette, and it features the grey and pink combination in various contexts. A pink armchair set against grey tongue and groove panels, pink curtains on grey walls, pink cushions on a sober sofa – all of these add visual interest.

pulitzer hotel


Although yellow isn’t the single defining colour anywhere, throughout the hotel are little yellow details that work to create a colourful impression. A throw, a curtain, a cushion, an artwork – even the hotel’s stylish souvenir notebooks are bound in bright yellow. A yellow accent is an instant contemporary update.

Pulitzer hotel


There’s an entrire suite dedicated to books at the Pulitzer, and they are creatively displayed in many ways. Small piles of old hardbacks on small shelves, art books displayed full frontal on picture ledges, books reflected in mirrors and this curved construction that’s a feat of engineering in itself.

pulitzer hotel