IKEA's simplicity has met Hay's luxury to create the incredible new Ypperlig collection. Here are a few of our favourites pieces from the collaboration...

Words Amy Brandhorst

Imagine the quality and beauty of designer furniture with the affordability and simplicity of our beloved IKEA. That’s what you can expect from the new Ypperlig collection, IKEA’s collaboration with the luxury Danish homeware brand HAY. Our verdict? It’s cool, functional and affordable.

Here is our five top picks from the Hay x Ikea range

They Push One of the Biggest Trends of 2017: Green

Ever since Pantone announced the colour of 2017 as ‘Greenery’, there’s been shades of green here there and everywhere. In this collection you’ll find items in moss, bottle and pale teal greens. If you’re not already re-enamoured with the colour, you will be now.


They Focus on Practicality

This is the part at which IKEA tries to cut corners and HAY steps in. Well thank god for HAY, because the result is thoughtful design that makes our lives easier. Take this mirror for example. The built-in shelf is just the right depth and height to hold our most prized every day necessities. There’s no one who wouldn’t appreciate this shelf, right?


The Small Details Show the Designers’ Character

It’s easy for a collection from two of the biggest homeware brands to look unoriginal and mass produced, but Ypperlig is far from that. The small curves, edges and layering that give the collection unique design features.


It’s Weightless

The entire collection looks as though it could float – every item has air spaces that make it transparent. This is where the Bauhaus element comes in to play as Bauhaus design was based on the bare fundamentals of furniture, no frills.


They Bring Back Roman Pottery

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything like this, but we’re liking what we see! Roman-style jugs in sludgy, autumnal colours remind us of bohemian houses in Italy and an understated elegance. Could this be the start of a trend?


The Ypperlig range will be ready to purchase in October 2017, but until then we can swoon over these pre-released images of the full collection, lucky for us.

For more information on the IKEA X Hay Collaboration visit ikea.com

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