How Carl Hansen & Søn’s handcrafted wooden furniture, with their considered design and craftsmanship, add warmth and welcome to an interior.

Every Carl Hansen & Søn design comes with a unique and meaningful story. Whether it originated in the golden age of Danish Design or is a recent creation from a contemporary talent, that piece of furniture tells the tale of a visionary designer’s determination to unite craftsmanship and innovation in one timeless piece. And, of course, once a piece of furniture leaves the factory and finds its way into someone’s home, an entirely new story begins.

OW149 Colonial Chair
The OW149 Colonial Chair by Ole Wanscher
KK41181 Sofa with High Sides
The KK41181 Sofa with High Sides, by Kaare Klint

At Carl Hansen & Søn every piece is created with the hope that it will improve the lives of those it encounters. Made from locally and internationally sourced woods, the evocative handcrafted wooden furniture adds warmth and welcome to an interior, having the unique ability to transform a space into an inviting sanctuary simply by its presence. Wood has always been a beloved building material, but its benefits to our well-being add even more value to its role in our lives. Unlike human-made materials, it has been demonstrated that wood has a calming effect on people’s emotional and physiological states. Simply touching a piece of wooden furniture has a shooting impact, evoking feelings of safety with its tactility.

Wooden Furniture

Proud to know that their handcrafted wooden furniture is cherished not only for its iconic design but for the restorative environment it helps create. Carl Hansen & Søn’s designs live and breathe, continuing to change as they age into something even more beautiful, creating a sense of calm, comfort and clarity, through meaningful design, uncompromising craftsmanship and respect for natural materials.

BM1160 Hunting Table
The BM1160 Hunting Table by Børge Mogensen
CH24 Wishbone Chair
The CH24 Wishbone Chair, by Hans J. Wegner

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