Introducing the first interiors collection from international fashion brand Gucci

Words Joy Montgomery

Alesandro Michele has gone and done it again. Fusing fashion and furnishings, the King of Quirk has brought his iconic geek chic aesthetic to Gucci’s first interiors collection.

Covering everything from cushions and chairs to tables and trays, the idea behind the collection is not to prescribe a particular decorative look but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customised. In other words: a more flexible and personal approach to decoration. It’s Gucci’s contemporary romanticism brought into the home.

The pieces in the new collection feature a number of motifs that are recognisable from Michele’s catwalks. All the patterns, colours and decorative tropes have been inspired by his fashion designs and reimagined for furniture, furnishings and crockery. Reflecting his magpie-like attitude to design, the pieces fuse traditional techniques and historic prints with trend-led clashing colourways.

Fauna & Flora: Discover Gucci's first Interiors Collection

The smaller pieces of the collection are of porcelain and produced by Richard Ginori, the renowned Florentine company founded in 1735. With access to the skills of this historic porcelain factory, Michele has designed a range of distinctive, patterned crockery featuring a green and white Herbarium decoration.

There are also idiosyncratic Richard Ginori-made porcelain scented-candle holders, which display House patterns. The Herbarium floral print is in evidence here, as are geometric chevrons, a striking, solid pink colour and the ‘eye’ design. Animals from the Gucci Garden – bees, butterflies and cockerel heads – are rendered in porcelain in 3D and are attached to the pots and their lids. There are also small incense holders where 3D stag beetles and bees support incense sticks.

Gucci Décor will be launched from September with a progressive global roll-out in Gucci flagship stores, online at and selected specialty stores. Interestingly, there will be no dedicated area for the collection. Instead, to emphasise Alessandro Michele’s notion that these pieces are simply another way to dress in the brand, they will be spread throughout interiors and integrated with clothing, accessories and shop fittings.

We’ll have one of everything please.


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