barry's bootcamp

The Stateside fitness concept is taking London by storm, but is Barry’s Bootcamp worth the hype? Absolutely went to find out…

Words Elizabeth Hutton

To get yourself onto a Barry’s Bootcamp treadmill you need to be both patient and agile. Classes sell out within seconds and the waiting list fills up shortly afterward so quick clicking is essential. But why, after 18 years since its conception in West Hollywood, is Barry’s still king of the it-gym?

Perhaps it’s the loyal celebrity following that makes Barry’s so exciting – it gives us a chance to workout and compete against those who normally choose get sweaty in private. Sure enough, when I went to a class I found myself running next to Julien Macdonald.

The signature class includes 25-30 minutes of interval treadmill routines and 25-30 strength training. The combination will improve your cardio and strength levels while revving up your metabolism so that you burn calories even after the class is done.

With music pumping and disco lights beaming, my first session was a shock to the system. The “light jog” we began with turned into a run before becoming an almost impossible sprint.

A minute later, however, it was done and we moved to the floor. Here I was met buy two 8kg weights with which we lunged, squatted and planked until we were weak. Doing this x3 times, the short bursts of exercise meant that motivation remained high.

Having – somehow – made it through the 60 minute class, I’m determined to return.

2 Worship Street, EC2A;


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