Too many mulled wines got you feeling a little less festive this December? Banish the hangover Grinch and feel on top form with our hangover cures

Words Joy Montgomery

Hangover Cures


Ignore the age-old adage – sneaking in another drink the morning after will only delay the effects of the hangover. The NHS recommends you wait at least 48 hours before drinking any more alcohol to give your body time to recover. Instead, stick to water and comforting cups of tea.

A hearty breakfast is a good way to beat the hangover, as it will help to maintain your blood sugar levels – low levels can lead to the worsening symptoms of nausea and fatigue. A healthy breakfast can provide much-needed vitamins and minerals, which are depleted after drinking. Try scrambled eggs and spinach on whole wheat toast AKA comfort food with a healthy kick.

A bone broth is another great way to soothe the symptoms of a hangover. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, a broth is both easy on the stomach and incredibly tasty. Bone broth is super cheap and easy to make (so perfect for depleted bank balances), check out Hemley + Hemsley’s recipe here.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to both prevent and treat a hangover. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning it increases production of urine and in turn leads to loss of fluids and electrolytes. This is often the prime culprit for increased thirst and headaches. Alongside plenty of water, try sipping on coconut water to replenish your electrolytes, ginger tea to reduce nausea or fruit juice for instant energy.


Hangover-proofing your hair is all about pre-bedtime preparation. HARE&BONE Founder Sam Burnett gives us his top tips for dreamy hair come morning: “Before you go to sleep spray some KMS Bounce Back Curl Up Spray in your hair, applying a generous dusting throughout the hair to make it damp. Part your hair into two sections, creating the parting where you want to wear your hair the next day, then twist into two buns (one on each side of your head) and sleep with them in your hair. In the morning, undo the buns holding the ends of the hair and shake out, this gives a nice beachy texture. To finish, spritz a small amount of KMS Playable Texture and rustle up the hair to the desired messiness.”

Dehydration from excessive drinking can emphasise fine lines and leave your skin looking dull. To counteract hungover morning face, remove all makeup before bed and slather on a hydrating night cream and down a several large glasses of water. Failing that, come morning try splashing your face with hot and cold water, then give yourself a facial massage with your favourite creamy cleanser to banish puffiness.

When it comes to make-up, it might be tempting to layer on thick foundation, but the key is to use small amounts of hard-working products. We love a good BB cream for a lightweight touch of colour – ideal for warming grey complexions. Follow this with a daub of highlighter and some pink-tinted lip balm to enhance tired features and fake a healthy glow.

If eyes are a window on the soul then they’re certainly a window on last night’s escapades… Under-eye masks are an easy way to soothe tired peepers – we love Katherine Daniels’ Instant Effect Eye Masks for fast-acting results. Follow this with de-puffing eye cream and a small amount of yellow-based concealer to counteract blue tones. A quick slick of volumising mascara will finish things off nicely.


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