Individually designed and custom made, Richard Thomas – director and founder of London’s leading bespoke furniture company Wyndham – gives six reasons why bespoke is best

The personal touch

Throughout the design process it’s important your designer works closely with you. This will ensure you have a piece which incorporates the style, form and function that is best for you. Personal service is paramount to ensure that all these aspects come together.

Versatility of design

Creating furniture bespoke offers a flexibility of design and this comes into its own with awkward spaces. Combined with quality materials and high-end fixtures, this will maximise and fully utilise any space.

Material choices

The sky is the limit when it comes to material choice. Bespoke furniture offers a wide range: including wood, metal, glass and fabric. All of which can be implemented in a variety of ways to enhance your piece. Although materials are almost limitless, it is worth considering simplicity of design.

At Wyndham we try and incorporate no more than three materials into any one item at once. This prevents the danger of conflicting surface colours or textures. All great design is a question of balance and the most timeless and classic designs keep it simple.

Unique designs

We make these pieces as one-offs so they are as unique and personal as you wish. If you are going to maximise the tailored aspect think dynamically and individually. You can really push the boundaries and create pieces that provide for all your furniture requirements.

Multifunctional pieces

The great thing about bespoke furniture is that you can incorporate multiple uses. This means, for example, a room could be made into both a lounge and a study, offering an extremely dynamic and flexible space.

Value added

High-end bespoke furniture comes at a higher cost. However, if executed well, this high quality service can offer visually stunning pieces. Luxury, made-to-measure furniture will enhance your home. This will increase the desirability and value of your property.


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