Breakfast treat: A classic and delectable twist on a French favourite – courtesy of Dickie Fitz

Recipe Credited to: Executive Group Chef Matt Robinson, Dickie Fitz

Banana Bread French Toast

Serves 7-10


  • 360g Mashed Banana
  • 360g Soft dark sugar
  • 360g Plain flower
  • 100g Vegetable Oil
  • 188g Milk
  • 4 small eggs
  • 10g Backing powder
  • 7g Bi-carb of soda
  • 4g Salt

For Garnish & Cooking:

  • Berries for garnish
  • Maple syrup and Crème frachie
  • 2 Eggs
  • 20ml Milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon


1 Preheat a non-fan oven to 160 degree. Beat the banana and sugar together till pale and smooth. Whisk the eggs till they form ribbons, then slowly add the oil (a similar technique to making mayonnaise).

Slowly add the eggs to the banana mix. Combine half of the milk with the mixture. Add half of the flour and the rest of the milk and beat. Add in the rest of the dry ingredients and mix together.

Pour the mixture into a line and greased loaf tin and bake for 50mins at 160 degrees.

Allow to cool completely before slicing and then slice into 3cm slices.


Whisk the eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla together.


Dip the slices into the mixture and fry in a pan on a medium heat with a little oil. Garnish with berries and serve with maple syrup and crème frachie.

Recipe credited to Matt Robinson, executive chef at Dickie Fitz,


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