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An Adventure in Lisbon: The Holiday Home Resort to Know

Absolutely takes a look at the new holiday home resort outside Lisbon claims to have cracked the problem of empty homes during the off-season months

Towering Restoration: A French Chateau Makeover

Meet the two former City workers who moved to France to tackle the mother of all restoration projects – doing up a wrecked rural...

London’s Residential Squares: How Much Does it Really Cost to Live...

We explore the past and future of London's residential garden squares, how much it costs to live on one and one woman's campaign to regenerate hers

Inspired by TV Show ‘Riviera’? 4 Real Cote D’Azur Properties

As Sky's drama Riviera builds to as stylish climax, we look at the houses that the Cote d'Azur's real residents call home, and offer up some alternatives if Julie Stile's world isn't your thing.

Why Great British Bake Off finalist Jane Beedle kneads to move

Famous for making the final of the most recent Great British Bake Off she's now selling her Beckenham home to move to Kent.

The Off-Piste Appeal of Property in Chamonix

Words Nigel Lewis The day I visited Chamonix the skiing conditions did not look good. The snow was mostly cannon-created, thin and there were rumours...

London’s Best Office Conversions to Beat the Housing Shortage

More relaxed planning laws are helping to turn more and more offices into homes

Famous Homes for Sale

Dozens of famous homes for sale are out there if you know where to look. Here are some of the most recent to come on the market

Famous Properties for Sale

London is awash with homes featuring famous former owners. These are the most recent to come on the market

Celebrity Homes For Sale

London always has a clutch of celebrity homes for sale. These are the most recent to come on the market