From fashion to finance, fitness to list-making; here are five apps to organise and simplify your life

Words Helen Brown

1. Lifesum


Lifesum has come to the forefront of fitness apps as a favourite of a number of bloggers and YouTubers. The app takes your lifestyle goals and health data and creates a personalised plan to help you live better. Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, eat better or track your gym workouts, Lifesum will work as a bespoke health and lifestyle guide. It’s also worth browsing Lifesum’s Instagram account for nutritious and delicious dinner inspo.

Free, available for iOS and Android

2. Spending Tracker

Lifestyle apps

This is incredibly easy to use and takes the guesswork out of budgeting. Spending Tracker logs your spending, displaying exactly where your money is going each month and alerts you when you’re spending too much. It can also remind you to pay bills, analyse your spending history and help you decide if you can really afford those Zara boots you’ve been eyeing.

Free, available for iOS and Android

3. Things


If you haven’t heard of productivity guru David Allen’s Getting Things Done (or GTD to those in the know), you’ve probably been too busy running around in stressed out circles. The impact within the business world of this time management system has been so significant that Allen has applied his theories to tech to help you actually get things done. Things breaks down your tasks into bite-size chunks so that even the most daunting seem far more easily achieved. Input your daily tasks or weekly projects into Things and the app will present you with a checklist that automatically syncs across all Apple devices so you will never forget anything.

£9.99, available for iOS

4. Pocket


Pocket lets you save any articles, videos or links from the web to revisit later when you have more time. We’ve found Pocket incredibly helpful for storing recipes and future fashion purchases. The app syncs all saved clips across your devices and will suggest new content for you to discover based on the clippings stored.

Free, available for iOS and Android

5. Closet

Apps to Organise

It’s a familiar tale; you’ve got a wardrobe that is bursting at the hinges and nothing to wear. Enter, Closet. This easy-to-use app creates your own digital wardrobe, categorises your outfits and keeps you up to date with what you’ve already worn. Fashion fanatics rejoice; finally Cher Horowitz’s amazing virtual closet is a reality.

Free, available for iOS


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