Clapham Common’s newest pizza spot. It’s all about the tasty toppings served on a California style sourdough base

Words Elysia Agnew

In the warmer months, take-out food comes in a new and improved form. Instead of cosying up by the fire with a pre-cooked meal, one-stop pop-ups with outdoor dining areas seem more appealing. Joe Public, sitting on the top of Clapham Common station, satisfies our summer needs. With an offering of boozy slushies, in-house beers and wine on tap, there’s nothing better than kicking back on the benches by the patio heaters on a warm summer’s evening.

Absolutely review: Joe Public

Choosing from the Californian-style pizzas, I opt for the slice topped with sausage, bacon, ground beef, pepperoni, caramelized onion and mozzarella, all served up on a tasty sourdough base. The slice goes down well with a glass of Joe Public’s white wine offering; perfectly crisp, complementing the spicy pizza. One slice is enough at this place, but if you’re feeling like a feast you can order a huge 20” pie to eat in or to take away with you.

Absolutely review: Joe Public

Joe Public is the brand new sister restaurant to WC, Clapham’s popular wine and charcuterie bar below. Both are reconstructed public toilets, adding to the authenticity and quirkiness of the place. Dining out in an ex public toilet Ω it definitely doesn’t get much quirkier than that. Don’t work yourself too hard with the BBQ this summer; head to Clapham’s newest grab-and-go bar, where the staff will cook up a pizza feast. Joe Public serves breakfasts too, where you can pick up a freshly baked buttie.

Joe Public
Former Public Convenience, SW4


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