If you're not jetting off this summer but still want that holiday glow, these quick and easy hacks will have you looking bronzed and beautiful in no time.

Let’s face it, we would all prefer to be sunning ourselves somewhere tropical, working on that holiday glow, but with so many of us strapped for cash, busy with work or battling non-negotiable family plans, it’s hard to find the time to get away.

You may never get the chance to enjoy a holiday but you can, of course, trick people into thinking you’ve just returned from the tropics. The experts at Ellipse Beauty UK have put together 5 simple and easy hacks to fake that holiday glow.

1. Fake Bake It

Probably the easiest way to fake that holiday glow is by investing in a decent face and body tan. Ideally, opt for a gradual tanner as it will give you a more natural tan without the dreaded tiger streaks. It’s also recommended that you purchase a separate face tanner as they are tailor made for the delicate skin on your face.  It won’t clog your pores or make you look cakey and choosing one with a little shimmer will give you that added glow.

2. Drink Up

It’s no secret that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the simplest and cheapest way to keep your skin hydrated. However, drinking this much water can prove to be difficult when leading such a busy life. Try keeping a reusable water bottle by your desk to make sure you drink plenty and maintain a glowing complexion.

5 Ways To Fake That Holiday Glow

3. Facial Sprays

Hydrating facial sprays are perfect for busy women who need to keep their skin hydrated on the go. A quick spritz over your face and neck will instantly give you a glowing complexion. Facial sprays will also eliminate that tight feeling and allow your skin to breathe.

4. Bronze Goddess

The time has come to invest in a really good cream bronzer. Using a cream texture rather than a powder will make your skin appear more natural without looking cakey. Try to use the bronzer to contour the darker areas of your face.  It will give your complexion a deeper glow and define your facial features.

5. Add a Dash of Lemon

It’s an old school trick but, if you’re a natural blonde, squeezing lemon juice over your hair will give you a naturally-bleached look. If you can’t afford highlights, this is the perfect way to boost your blonde hair and it will look as if you’ve caught the sun.

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