Think outside the box with your al fresco offering; Social Pantry’s Alex Head shares her top vegetarian BBQ recipes to impress guests with this summer

Words and recipes Alex Head

The summer months are the time to embrace social occasions with vibrant dishes and joy-filled gatherings. Alex Head, Owner and Founder of Social Pantry shares her top tips on embracing alfresco dining, come rain or shine. Anyone can burn a sausage and skewer some halloumi, so make your meal stand out from the crowd. Grilled vegetables are just as delicious, they help keep costs down and it’s actually a bit cleaner all round. Below are a selection of Alex’s best vegetarian BBQ dishes to get sizzling this summer.


Condiments are key to any good BBQ. Serve your vegetarian BBQ with a cucumber labneh, yellow tomato and basil salsa, burnt onion mayonnaise, beetroot yogurt and you cannot go wrong.


Sweeten up your jackets this summer. Wrap sweet potatoes in foil and place on the coals for 30 – 40 minutes. Best enjoyed piled high with beans, avocado, tahini yoghurt or smothered in herb butter and fresh crisp salad leaves. Perfect for filling up a hungry crowd.


Go bold and be proud. Often most of the praise comes from guests who love the simplicity of a half grilled broccoli or avocado. Marry the veggies up with the perfect partner: cauliflower and cumin, avocado and lemon or broccoli and garlic. Cut it in half or into chunks, brush with oil and placed on the BBQ. Have fun with the garnish, go nutty, seedy, leafy or a yoghurt often hits the spot.


All hail the corn! Miso butter will make yours stand out. Mix together the miso and butter and smother over freshly BBQ’d corn.


Half and grill on a high heat with some lemon for a charred twist on the brunch-time fave.


What better way to end a BBQ than with sweet, grilled peaches – finish with toasted almonds for a glorious crunch.


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